Create and share maps and places on other planets in our Solar System

OpenPlanetaryMap is a community project to enable space enthusiasts and students, planetary researchers and mappers, educators and storytellers to easily and collaboratively create and share location-based knowledge and maps of planets and planetary bodies.


We design and implement beautifully crafted vector-based basemaps of planetary bodies that can serve as base layer for your web mapping applications and visualisations.

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We curate an open repository of datasets related to planetary geography, topography, geology, weather, climate, scientific missions and discoveries, robotic and human exploration.

Access OPM datasets on CARTO


We develop geocoding and georeferencing APIs that will make it easy to discover, search, share, discuss and crowdsource datasets of places on Mars, the Moon and other planetary bodies.

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Should we want to use OpenPlanetaryMap or contribute to the project, please contact us through the OpenPlanetary Forum.