OpenPlanetary Virtual Conference, June 22-24, 2020


We are a non-profit organisation helping planetary scientists and software developers to share, discuss and improve planetary data, tools, workflows and overall knowledge of our Solar System.


We provide a public forum for research professionals and amateurs across all planetary science disciplines and communities to find help, share and discuss data, tools and resources.

Regardless of our skills and knowledge, we all have something to learn and share. We encourage you to use our forum to get help and share resources.

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Data Cafe Events

We organise Data Cafes at scientific conferences for people to meet, share, discuss and try to solve common issues related to planetary data handling and analysis.

Data Cafes follow an "unconference" format allowing and encouraging anyone to propose a topic and lead an group activity (demo, tutorial, hack), or simply to ask for help. It's for skill levels: from beginner to experts.

Attend the next Data Cafe at EPSC-DPS 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland)


We foster and enable the creation and access to quality training material by the community for the community.

Watch our first 'Intro to SPICE' series by Matt Brealey covering the absolute basics of NASA/NAIF's SPICE Toolkit and giving you a head start when it comes to writing your own SPICE programs.

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Through the OpenPlanetaryMap project, we are designing and making accessible a collection of basemaps that can be used for the development of planetary web mapping applications.

OpenPlanetaryMap is a community project to enable space enthusiasts and students, planetary researchers and mappers, educators and storytellers to easily and collaboratively create and share location-based knowledge and maps of planets and planetary bodies.

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Membership is completely free. In addition to having access to Slack and a collaborate with a network of planetary research professionals, being an OpenPlanetary member will give you the opportunity to actively engage with other members of the planetary science community who are interested in topics related to open source software, and to contribute directly to our mission.

Discuss and stay connected

We use the Slack platform for real-time collaborative discussion and exchange of any scientific or technical topics. Go to OpenPlanetary Slack

Host your project and collaborate

We use Github to host and collaborate on community projects. You can host and manage your own project in a public or private repository. Go to OpenPlanetary GitHub